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Lawn Mowing Roster

If the lawns don’t need cutting, or it is too wet during your turn to cut them, the roster just rolls on to the next person.

Please don’t mow the lawns on Sundays when services are taking place.

If you are going to be away during your turn, please arrange to change with someone else on the roster.  Remember you can cut the lawns using either the Church equipment or your own .  Up to you whether or not you use a catcher, if  you do please put clippings into the Garden Bag for removal.  If you have suitable equipment, please also trim the edges.

Any problems, ring the People’s Warden.

Thank you.

29 Jan 17 11 Feb 17Dick Offwood
12 Feb 1725 Feb 17Richard Lewis
26 Feb 1711 Mar 17Bill McSweeney
12 Mar 1725 Mar 17Murray Anderson
26 Mar 1708 Apr 17Colin Couch
09 Apr 1722 Apr 17Nick Birdsey
23 Apr 1706 May 17Peter White
07 May 1720 May 17Laurie Myers
21 May 1703 Jun 17Dick Offwood
04 Jun 1717 Jun 17Richard Lewis
18 Jun 1701 Jul 17Bill McSweeney